How To Sell Music Online

In the last 5 years research has shown that more and more record labels are starting to go into debt while new music artists are blowing up and selling their music thousands of records without the help of these big time production companies.The simple answer to this is that these music artists have discovered that the internet can be used for more than just web browsing! Hundreds of websites have been created to allow these budding artists to sell their music right here on the internet.

Site’s such as ReverbNation, SoundClick, and even MySpace let you sell your music right off of the account you set up. All you need is a working computer, a professional picture of yourself, a bio you’ve written, and really good tracks that you have recorded that your fans can buy. You can even set up an account on iTunes for a small fee and sell your tracks right off of there as well. Everything is automated with these sites as your fans purchase your records. You won’t have to worry about having to do the transactions by hand at all. You will need to set up a Pay pal account so that you have a place to receive the money when someone buys your music. PayPal is totally free and easy to set up.

If you already have a following online then that is great. It will be much easier to sell to your fans who are already online listening to your music. If you do not have a fan base online I highly suggest that you do that before you start trying to sell your music online. You don’t want to follow these instructions and end up not making any sales because no one knows who you are. I see a lot of musicians doing this, so I like to warn others by letting them know it’s all about building a brand around yourself before trying to sell anything to anyone.

Trying to sell music online, it is not a complicated thing. Once you have signed up to some of these sites I mentioned above you should start seeing results very soon. There is nothing better than being able to sell your music without worrying about not getting a big record label to sign you. If you do this, record labels will come to you asking if you would sign under them because they will see how much of a buzz you have created without them.

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